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Dealing with a Brand Identity Crises

More often than not, strange things happen in strange times and at strange moments. In order to deal with such emergencies and stay afloat in business, companies, need to develop strategies and tactics to assist them do profitable business and still shore up their clientele base.

Sources Of Brand Identity

There are different methods that companies and corporate organizations can employ to create a viable brand outlook for themselves.

These include:


Symbols are strong means to attract attention and enhance brand personalities by making consumers like them. For instance,

Duracell has bunny rabbit

MacDonald has Roland

FedEx has an arrow

These symbols help consumers memorise organisation's products and services.

- Logos/Logotype

Logos are special signs put on products to show who made them

Features of a good logo

a)it should be simple

b)it should be unique and distinct

c) it should be functional and widely used

d) it should be effective

e) it should be memorable

f) it should be easily identifiable

g) it should perfectly represent/reflect the company

h) it should be easy to correlate with the consumers and develop consumers trust in the company

I) it should not lose its integrity when transferred to another fabric or material

j) it should protest company's values, mission and objectives

Elements of a good logo


This is a unique symbol, design or any form of identification that helps consumers to recognise a brand. It contributes to brand equity.

A trademark is chosen by the following symbols

TM denotes an unregistered trademark

SM denotes unregistered service mark

(R) denotes a registered trademark

This site provides different products that can carry your brand for your customers to see daily.

Guidelines for trademark protection

- Go for a formal trademark registration

-Never use a noun or verb to form your trademark. Go for adjectives

-Use correct and proper trademark spelling

- Challenge each misuse of trademark specifically by competitors in the market

-Capitalize first letter of trademark

Brand Identity vs. Brand Image

1)Brand identity develops from the core of the company

Brand image develops from consumers

2) Brand message is tied together for brand identity

Brand message is untied by consumer to form brand image

3) The general message of brand identity is 'who you really are'

The general message of brand image is 'how the market perceives you'

4)Brand identity is subsistence oriented or strategic

Brand image is appearance oriented or tactical

5) Brand identity represents your view

Brand image represents others view

6) Brand identity is enduring

Brand image is superficial

7) Brand identity is futuristic

Brand image is historic

8) Brand identity is active

Brand image is passive

9) Brand identity signifies 'where you want to be'

Brand image signifies 'where you have got'

10) Brand identity is the total promise a company makes to its consumers

Brand image is total consumers perception about the brand

Building a Brand Identity

#Analyse the company's market by taking into consideration,its strengths,weaknesses,opportunities, and threats (SWOT)

# Determine its key business goal

#Identify its consumers

#Determine its personality and message it wants to communicate

Having all these in place, there is still a need for you to get them to the notice of your target audience, in order for them to easily recognize your brand.